RWS Jour 83

I wake up in Evilard, in the wonderful home of Jean Pierre Rochat. It is filled with layers of books, and notebooks. It is a place that must one dreams of spending winter, with many rooms full of things to get lost into, a world full of micro-worlds.

My sleep is saturated with lucid dreams, and upon waking I marvel at how pleasant it is to dream in a different bed. I could feel the influence of the color of the sheets in which I slept, a deep yellow base with a green floral pillow.

At the sculpture, today is a day of familiar faces. I meet Charles in the kindergarten where he is working for the next few days. I am elated to see him. It has been over a month since we last saw each other, and there is much to catch up on. We exchange briefly some of our stories from summer, and then return to the ambassade to meet Charlotte Laubard from HEAD. While we are talking to her, Mabe also appears, and we both reveal our excitement to see her. I can sense the culmination of the project approaching. There is an indescribable energy lingering about, almost frenetic.

Collectif Dandelion