RWS Jour 82


I strain to recall the events of the day, but trust that it included some walking, some reading, and some writing. I revel in the trinity of activity that I have so devoutly subscribed to.

The night falls, and I work on the video project I have started here. I film Jean Pierre Rochat reading to me an account of the walk he takes to the mountains where he grew up titled La Promenade de Pas Walser.

Bridel then proposes to go on a walk in Evilard where he lives with Jean Pierre Rochat. We board the funiculaire, and once more I am mesmerized by it’s transition from light to dark, the wheels rolling so rapidly they appear to be ablaze.

At the top, we sit at a bench overlooking the city. It reminds me of the lookouts on Mullholland drive, yet far more quaint. Bienne’s lights dimly shining below, humble in comparison to the ostentatious display of light that Los Angeles parades. I prefer the modesty of this cityscape; its tenderness has engraved an indelible impression.

Collectif Dandelion