RWS Jour 28

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By Diego

I meet Delphine at le Spectaccolo café, she tells me she has been sitting there for too long, so we move to Bresil, Café, which is also in front of the train station. We order green tea and a cappuccino. Five minutes later Herve messages proposing us to meet at the Atomique Café, which is just a bit further down the block. We finally meet H to beggin our search of what he defines as Beaute Bienua.

Our Biennese beauty tour starts a few blocks down Banhofstrasse where we meet a tubular shaped building in the corner with Zentrastrasse, it used to be Swatch head quarters before it became a squat. Apparently some punks found the prototype of the Swatch car, better known to the general public as Smart, before it was released hanging out in the basement. H then takes us to the congress building, he tells us the story about how they wanted to build an Olympic pool inside the builidng, but then miss calculated the thickness of the tiles so the pool was an inch too short to qualify as an Olympic pool. Herve then takes us to this triangular building, its edge is so sharp one feels aggressed by the mere presence of that hughe concrete arrow which coveres half of the view we could potentially have of the old town. We then go to the jail like black bricked building, we discover that there are windows behind the windows we see from the street. I then remember this apartment I stayed at las week, which had this corridor like bathroom, which also had one room you could only access by the toilet. Our tour ends up in a Bauhaus like coffee, the inner patio reminds me of the Pavillion Mies Van Der Rohe in Barcelona, but maybe its just because of the vertical sculpture standing inside the fountain and the feeling of being surrounded by glass.

Collectif Dandelion