Robert Walser Jour 09


The 9th Day

It is Sunday morning, Delphine and I meet at the sculpture with an effervescence. It is our last day together before the dandelions rotate. What a ride these past few days have been, characterized by movement, like the arabesques of Walser discussed by Damion Stearls earlier this week. This chapter comes to an end, and I cherish the story built.

Today we decide to finish the chantiers commenced this week - the new signs, the flyers, the budgets, the documents for replacements, etc, etc. It is a day besotted with logistics, a series of tiny wires in our network which aim to get running before our departures, hers tonight and mine tomorrow. We commence with the cahier de bord, with the uploading of new photos and texts. I give Delphine a tutorial on how to create the cahier de bord, so she can “attempt to digest the obscure” as she says.


It is indeed indeed a tedious task, yet we endure through, and rejoice in the opportunity to erase it from our newly constructed chalkboaerd for the chantiers. The day continues as such, delinieating tasks, immersing ourselves in the process, and rejoicing in admiration of its completion. We manage to grapple with a multitude of managerial tasks, and feel ambitious enough to traverse even further, into the domain of the dandelion budget. We decide to do this, but outside on a terrace to give ourselves a break from the sculpture, which as this point has transformed into a scotch tape sauna. Upon departure, we are immediately refreshed from the relief of the scorching sun beaming through the green plastic windows of the ambassade.

The intensity of the sculpture is not only physical but mental as well. There are always interruptions, and it can prove to be difficult to maintain a steady work flow. The interactive element of the sculpture is omni-present, always alive, always morphing, always interruptible. And there is grace in that. Thomas speaks about the moments of “grace” in the work,

Delphine and I prevail through the first budget, and realize we need to formulate a manner to keep track of the other budgets; the one allocated by HEAD, and the one which keeps track of our per diems. Upon completion, another moment of rejoice, this time accompanied by a pastis. We acknowledge the tasks accomplished, and embrace the productivity we collectively cultivated. The two sailors still out at sea, slowly returning, with jubilance and vigor, back to shore.

Collectif Dandelion