RWS Jour 79


After talking about Tomas Saraceno’s proposition of an aerocene, we decide to take the funiculare to Evilard to do a walk. Delphine is fixated on the air, the sky, and leaving the ground to explore new heights. I on the other hand, dream of a descent into earth’s molten core and yearn for more cavernous terrains. Nonetheless, we enjoy the ascent, which transitions through ancient rock tunnels before arriving up top, satisfying both of our inclinations. We stroll through the quaint streets that adorn the mountainside, crowning the sweet city of Bienne, which we have both grown to love. We slowly make our way down while embedded in conversation, collecting wildflowers as we move. We approach a small wooded area that proposes two options – a gentle path, or a steep path, and immediately decide on the steep path. Perhaps there will be a moment in time in which we yearn for the gentle path, but for now it is intensity that entices.

We arrive back at the sculpture, and find a couple staring at the map of Bienne on the floor in bewilderment. They ask us why we have made a marking at the place of Promenade du La Suze 19, and we proceed to tell them that is where we did a drawing exercise, showing them the drawings of that house. We are all pleasantly shocked when we realize it is their house we drew, even depicting the green curtains in their bedroom window. We revel in the serendipity of this encounter, and laugh into the afternoon.

Collectif Dandelion