RWS Jour 77


Today I question the sustainability of my spirit, the buoyancy of my being.

Is my capacity for jubilance becoming weathered by duration? Can an entity be eternally effervescent? Surely this must exist, I have read of carbonic springs in which water perpetually bubbles.

Yet I am not this sparkling abyss of energy - I am flat water, I possess no carbon dioxide; I witness my bubbles growing still. I have always possessed an enamorment with endurance, the malleability of my stamina being the omnipresent propellant.

What does it mean to endure? Endure, coming from Old French (1275 to 1325) means “to harden, make lasting”

Is calcification imperative in order to make something last ?

Or can one endure in softness?

Collectif Dandelion