RWS Jour 75


Today I meet Diego at the sculpture. He was meant to be a replacement for me last week while I was out of town working, but due to the change in our presence, it did not seem we needed a second person on site. However I invited him to come spend a day at the sculpture with me. He meets me at the amabassade and we sit in conversation for the latter half of the morning, and then decide to embark upon a walk. We traverse as much terrain in conversation as in physicality. We speak about our experience with the process of collective work - it’s inspiration, and it’s hinderances. It is refreshing to have someone alongside me in the ambassade, I have been alone for the past week of being here, and find myself echoing onto myself sometimes. Our dynamic reinvigorates my interest, specifically in walks. We walk without direction, meandering slowly and unintentionally towards the lake. When we reach the lake, we decide to do a drawing exercise in which I sit with my back to something and Diego describes it. I sit in silence, as he recounts the image before him, absorbing the images that words induce. I float amidst the words he softly speaks, like the swans amidst the water. Walser often writes about water, and I gravitate towards the same body of water which I picture when reading his work. It is always the same body of water, relatively flat, surrounded by some trees humbled by age, and the same soft blue as the sky. I turn to face the pond, and my sight elucidates the muddled fantasy of this water.

It is sky, and so light blue, so half sad a sky; it is water, and so sky-like is the water that it could just as well be the sky, and the sky the blue water; it is sweet blue warm silence and morning; it is a beautiful morning. I cannot find the words for it, although I have put forth far r=too many words already, it seems to me.” - A School Boy’s Diary by Robert Walser

Collectif Dandelion